Police and Fire Blotter by ThomasHooker

June 2017

Summer has finally hit and many residents of Bay City are busy with First Life these days. Due to this and complications with the feed, the Police and Fire Blotter is short again this month.

June 4th, Rollers
- A vehicle drove away from Hooker's Garage & Towing after filling up with $14.78 worth of gasoline without paying. Bay City Police have the license plate and are investigating the incident.

June 12th, Sandwich - The Bay City Fire Department responded to an out of control fire at Adam's Ribs. The fire was eventually put out, though the building was a total loss. The Fire Chief believes the fire started due to the restaurant's attempt to make an "Extra Spicy" pulled pork sandwich.

June 18th, HHFL - An abandoned bicycle was recovered June 18th from the boardwalk at Hairy Hippo Fun Land. The red and white bicycle is being held at the police department for safekeeping.

June 28th, Handa - A couple was nearly hit by a car as they were crossing Jazz Drive in Handa. As there were no injuries, the driver was issued a citation for "Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian" and told to pay more attention while driving.

As always, if something happens that you think should be included in the blotter, feel free to message the Chief of Police by either dropping a note in one of the Bay City Postal Mailboxes, leaving a message using any NorPhone at (496)427-4637, or by sending ThomasHooker Resident a message or notecard.

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