Police and Fire Blotter by ThomasHooker

August 2017

August 6th, Bay City - It's been four months and the feeds are still in-operational. Several dispatchers have shown signs of nervous breakdowns. Ullock became so bored he built a castle out of rubber chickens. The Special Response Unit of the BCPD was last seen entering the basement of the station and muttering about raiding the feed's server farm soon.

August 10th, Edgartown - The Bay City Fire Department responded to a call from the Chief of Police. One of the dispatchers was seen laughing maniacally while saying "Ring, Why don't they ever ring?" Igor, the responding paramedic was moving the stretcher into the ambulance and was quoted saying "It's ok Mr Blasko, We've got a nice room for you just down the road. There are plenty of phones for you to answer over at Channel Island"

August 12th, Sandwich - Nearby residents called the Bay City Fire Department as a giant sombrero exploded over the Toxic Taco. Firefighters arrived and the fire was quickly put out, however, the neighborhood still smells of slightly burnt tortillas and bits of hat can be found across the region.

August 17th, Residents of Handa awoke to find that a lawn mower had cut across their lawns, destroying flowerbeds and lawn gnomes across the region. The Bay City Police Department is investigating the incidents.

August 19th, Falconmoon - More lawns appeared to become victim to the Mower Bandit. One resident had to call the Bay City Fire Department after they awoke to a lawn mower that was on fire in their front yard.

August 20th, Morton - The Bay City Police Department apprehended the so called "Mower Bandit" after a resident reported hearing a lawn mower running early in the morning. The suspect appeared to be unstable and was taken to the Channel Island Asylum to be checked out. Agent Mulder believes the suspect to be under the effects of the upcoming solar eclipse mixed with hearing an old jingle from a lawn mower store.

August 29th, Edgartown - The Bay City Police Department responded to an abandoned vehicle blocking the roadway. Detectives found the culprit to be a glitch with auto-return. The driver of the vehicle was issued a warning regarding leaving a vehicle and a Linden was called in to give the region a stern kick. The region was swiftly returned to normal and auto-return is now working as expected once again.

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